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Follow Up on L&L Energy Post

Yesterday evening I posted an article titled “Accounting Irregularities at L&L Energy.” In it I discussed my concerns regarding certain SEC filings of L&L Energy (LLEN). I had originally intended to post several follow up articles focusing on other aspects of the company, but in light of today’s events I no longer plan to continue […]

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Accounting Irregularities at L&L Energy

Author has posted a follow up to this post here. L&L Energy, Inc, (NASDAQ: LLEN) is in the business of coal mining, washing, coking, and wholesaling. Although its operations are conducted in China, the company is headquartered in Seattle, WA. As of 5/20/11, the company had a market cap of $200 MM. The stock has […]

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Jamn Java – This Coffee Will Burn You!

High in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, in the rich soils north of Kingston, grow some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Every year these beans are hand-picked, sun-dried on bamboo racks, and roasted over wood fires before being shipped around the world, much of it to Japan, where it is coveted for its mild […]

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